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I was fortunate enough to be invited to share a Skillshare class “Design for Print: Stand Out with Specialty Printing Techniques” where I helped students explore printing and finishing techniques available to add visual impact to their print designs. The course covered a vast expanse of knowledge I gathered while running the online stationery store 55 Hi's and it was condensed down into a small collection of the most helpful parts.

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Melissa Scoppa Jewelry

Melissa Scoppa Jewelry

Melissa Scoppa is a super talented and driven jeweler out of San Francisco (who also happens to be my wife). Because we live together (and I like her) we have had a long standing collaboration on her jewelry line.

I typically help on the things I'm good at like Product Photography, Web Design, Shopify Support/Customization, Marketing Graphics and Branding though lately I have taken the initiative to learn 3D Modeling in Rhino & ZBrush to help speed up production using our fancy new Form 2 printer.